View from the Bridge: The secret of exemplary followers

April 21st, 2016

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We are less than a week away from the HRMA Conference which is being held on April 26th & 27th here in Vancouver. Debra and I are busy putting the finishing touches on our session “Why Leaders Fail: Igniting Followership -The Untapped Organizational Resource”. We are excited to be presenting this “game changing” concept to 155 senior HR leaders and practitioners at our session!

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The secret value of Exemplary Followers: Are you one?

April 18th, 2016

By Debra Finlayson, MA, CHRP, SHRM-CP

An Exemplary Follower acts with conviction and courage, not simply as an effect of Leadership, but proactively toward enhancing organizational processes

Are you an ‘exemplary’ Follower? How would you know if you were one? You may be thinking to yourself ‘What’s even the point of asking this question?’. If you are questioning the question, this is a sign that you might, in fact, be an ‘exemplary’ Follower. Read more

View from the Bridge: The definition of followership

March 22nd, 2016

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My colleague Debra Finlayson and I are busy preparing for our session on Igniting Followership at the upcoming HRMA conference being held on April 26th and 27th here in Vancouver. You may ask what is Followership? That’s a good question and Debra does a great job of answering it in her article featured below. Read more

HRMA Conference: WHY LEADERS FAIL: Igniting Followership

March 18th, 2016


HRMA Conference 2016

When: Tuesday, April 26th @ 1:45pm
Where: Vancouver Convention Centre West
What: WHY LEADERS FAIL: Igniting Followership – The Untapped Organizational Resource
Sandra Reder (Vertical Bridge)
Debra Finlayson (VerticalBridge)
DESCRIPTION: Statistics show that organizations spend a lot of time, effort and money on leadership development, but that they ultimately may not be getting the results and outcomes they are looking for. Statistics also show that the younger generation of workers is looking for an employer who supports and develops them in their careers.
Imagine if your organization obtained complete harmony between Leaders and Followers where key Followers not only supported their leaders, but made them better leaders. Is there a gold mine of unrealized productivity lying hidden in your organization?

What is Followership and why should we care?

March 17th, 2016

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Leadership is co-produced!

By Debra Finlayson, Followership Consultant

Are ineffective followers actually responsible for World War II?

Ira Chaleff, author of ‘The Courageous Follower”, opined in his classic book on Followership “If we’d had effective followers surrounding Hitler, he would not have risen to power”. And while you or I may have lessor challenges than preventing the rise of the Third Reich, the success of our organizations is still impacted not just by the quality of our leaders, but by the quality of our followers, and not just any followers.  It turns out that the type of people who could have prevented Hitler’s rise to power are the same type of people who hold the potential to unleash huge gains in productivity for your organization. They’re called “Exemplary Followers” and knowing they exist brings you half-way toward harnessing their power for positive change. Read more

View from the Bridge: The Key to Giving Effective Feedback

March 03rd, 2016

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February is the month of romance and love and most of us celebrate this with our someone special. What many employers don’t realize is that they have teams that also require attention and support, not just in February but throughout the year. Read more

Surrey Board of Trade: Mentoring Program To Be Launched in 2016

February 12th, 2016

SBOT Debra Finlayson

Credit: The following is an excerpt from the SBOT’s BUSINESS in SURREY (February & March 2016)

The Surrey Board of Trade works hard to advocate on behalf of the needs of our members and the business community of Surrey. Our 400 hard-working volunteers review issues and challenges that affect businesses and the economic potential of Surrey. Our teams, along with staff, proactively research and identify critical concerns and develop policy positions and advocacy statements.

Our best volunteers are our members. Let us know what concerns you have and consider joining one of the advocacy teams. Read on to find one that fits your knowledge and passion.

Human Resources

Chair: Debra Finlayson

Human capital, workplace development and labour legislation is vital to our new Global Economy. The Surrey Board of Trade recognizes their centrally positioned location within a high labour growth region and believes that providing sound workforce development and integration is a necessary economic strategy for businesses in Surrey. The Mentoring Action Group (MAG), a team within the HRAT, is developing a Mentoring Program to be launched in [May of] 2016 based on enhancing Essential Skills (ES) as a direct response to the ‘job ready’ appeals of local and member businesses. Contact