November 17th, 2016


ACETECH dinner (private event)

When: Monday, Nov 21st, evening
What: Speaking engagment at private dinner
Sandra Reder (Vertical Bridge)
DESCRIPTION: Sandra Reder will be talking about trends in recruiting.

Leadership Task Force

October 03rd, 2016

Update: From our Leadership Task Force, we have assembled a powerful leadership development program for Vancouver-based companies. Check it out!

Interested in being a part of an innovative Leadership Task Force? Read on!!

The task force was an idea that resulted from recent discussions with local CEO’s and other Senior Executives about key issues that keep surfacing time and again… The purpose of this Task Force is to address these issues head on! Here they are:

  • There are currently scores of leadership programs out in the marketplace but are they relevant and meeting the needs of today’s leaders?
  • Business has changed, but has how we lead kept up with the change?

On October 12th from 7 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. at UBC Robson Square we’re inviting forward-looking CEOs and top executives to join us in shaping the design of a new innovative CEO targeted Leadership Series designed from the ground up to invoke high levels of emotional intelligence, innovation, resiliency, performance, people mastery and culture building.

We’d like to invite you to have a voice in developing and customizing the design of this new Leadership Series. We will be using the techniques, mechanisms and the “secret sauce” that has been successfully used by Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Scott Farquhar (Atlassian), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Michael Dell (Dell Computer) and Daniel Goleman (Leading expert in Emotional Intelligence) to evoke and stimulate breakthrough bold thinking, high level innovation and culture building leadership practices.

Here is what some of the leaders mentioned above have said about these techniques and the secret sauce…

“Wow, seeing people experiment and innovate using these techniques reminds me of the energy and creativity we first embraced the day we put a door on two sawhorses!”

“It is amazing to watch the speed in which people can transition through change when they are emotionally intelligent!”

“We must consistently use these techniques to define the right KPIs that will ultimately drive high performance!”

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