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How leadership has changed in last 15 years

April 30th, 2015

View from the Bridge

Everywhere you look these days there is something being written on leadership and how to be a great leader. It got me to thinking… what is causing everyone to be so focused on this topic now?

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Leader of the pack. What it takes to make it to the top 100 — and stay there.

June 19th, 2007

Business in Vancouver, Corey Van’t Haaff

Being a top company is more than just the bottom line. Sure, last year’s revenues are what ink your place on the list. But high earnings aren’t the sole benefit.

“People want to work with a great company,” said Sandra Reder, managing partner, Vertical Bridge Corporate Consulting Inc. “When you have great people providing great service to customers, you build customer loyalty and that, in turn, results in profits.”

Without good employees and loyal customers, you won’t make it onto any top 100 lists.

“If you’ve got high turnover, or if the word on the street is that you’re an awful company to work for, word gets out and you can’t attract good people,” she added. “You won’t have enough people to make the product or service. It will be poor quality or no customer service. Then you start to lose customers.”
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