Joanne Loberg, BA, CMP, CEC –

Joanne Loberg of JL Careers Inc. is a Certified Executive Coach, Internationally Certified Career Management Professional and highly skilled workshop facilitator. She specializes in working with professional and executive clients to provide job search strategies and tools, including career testing, professional resumes, LinkedIn profiles, targeted cover letters, and interview strategies and practice.

Ever questioned if Headhunters & Recruiters even look at your resume?

Wondered what gets your foot-in-the-door or how to grab their attention?

Here’s the inside scoop from an interview with Dawn Longshaw, a Professional Recruiter who heads up the Professional Recruiting division at Vertical Bridge. With over 23 years’ recruiting experience, she knows what it takes to grab a recruiter’s attention.

It starts with your resume –

Have you created a compelling, accomplishment-rich resume? Does your resume demonstrate your expertise and talent? Have you communicated how you have added value to organizations you work with? Recruiters are looking for a track record of attaining great results including career promotions, leading projects, increasing profitability, reducing costs, improving efficiencies, and building highly productive teams. Put your best foot forward with a well-crafted, professional resume that markets your key strengths and accomplishments as it will impress recruiters.

Next, optimize your LinkedIn Profile –

Recruiters are always cruising for talent on LinkedIn. Develop a compelling, keyword rich Profile. Then, reach out and connect with others on LinkedIn, build your recommendations, and join and contribute to industry groups. By doing this you raise your online profile, credibility and increase your prospect of being noticed when recruiters are doing searches.

Communicate your career goals with your network –

You can also raise your profile by communicating to your network that you are interested in taking on new challenges and new opportunities. Why? A recruiter’s primary source of great candidates is their network. They solicit interest from their known candidates and if these candidates aren’t ready for a career move or aren’t interested in the opportunity, they’ll ask: Can you recommend anyone else I should talk with about this opportunity?

Ask your network which recruiters they work with and if they think your experience might be of interest to these recruiters. Then, contact the recruiter noting you have been referred to their agency.