By Dawn Longshaw, Managing Director, Professional Recruitment, Vertical Bridge

outsourced recruiter benefits

Quite simply; when you don’t have the time, energy or resources to affect a recruiting program on your own.

There’s more to recruitment than pitching resumes to an open role – imagine your own dedicated recruitment firm sitting inside your business, bringing you the advantages of a network of established and cultivated recruitment relationships, and scaling with you based on your changing business needs. Managed Recruitment Services from Vertical Bridge can transform the way you secure your primary source of competitive advantage – talent – by optimizing the entire recruitment process from workforce planning to structuring and negotiating offers, from employment brand through to candidate care.

Managed Recruitment Services are not transactional like traditional contingency search– we become embedded in and dedicated to your business, sitting next to you to learn your business inside and out, soaking up your culture; becoming one of your biggest evangelists while providing recruitment solutions designed specifically for your company – particularly if you are without in-house HR support.

Strategic plans are created around team development, expansion and management; including manpower and skills gap analyses, workforce planning, timeframes to hire and budgeting. But there can be no strategy without market intelligence. Managed Recruitment Services from Vertical Bridge also include market mapping against your needs and competitive analysis of your recruiting landscape; to identify and predict trends that may affect current and future recruitment efforts. By working with your management team to help create and extend your employer brand to develop a compelling employer brand message and dependable talent pipelines, you’ll also get help becoming an employer of choice.

With Managed Recruitment Services internal as well as external resources are managed: providing a dedicated researcher/sourcing specialist; creating, building and managing a candidate database for active positions as well as future hires utilizing your existing processes and systems or developing new ones where required; and working with external recruitment partners when necessary, at a fraction of the regular cost, to expand your geographic reach.

This partnership approach means we behave as an extension of your organisation’s Human Resources team, primarily as the engine of your recruitment program but also by building staffing knowledge and skills into your organization. Working with efforts in retention, succession planning, and leadership development; Managed Recruitment Services from Vertical Bridge provide a continuous improvement process for your team.

Regardless of the size of your company, or whether it is a start-up, growing or mature organization; a results focused Managed Recruitment Services program reduces your average cost and time per hire while increasing hire quality. Embedded with your strategic manpower plan, Vertical Bridge has a vested interest in your organization’s success – more than transactional, it’s mutual.