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September 30th, 2016

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There’s been a lot of conversation lately in the media and in boardrooms about how different the world today is for most businesses and their leadership teams. With influencers like technology, the economy, globalization and a skilled labor shortage, today’s leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate their way through the many challenges they face.

If you read last month’s View from the Bridge, you’ll know that we were planning to host a unique “Leadership Task Force” on September21st in order to explore how leadership has changed and what today’s leaders need in order to be effective and successful. Due to a scheduling challenge we have moved the date to October 12th.

We are looking forward to working together with an amazing group of CEOs and senior executives in order to:

  • Gather their feedback on what’s working in engaging their people and driving a high performance culture
  • Dive into the key question “What needs to be included in the next level of a value-based leadership development program?”
  • Final outcome: Develop an innovative Leadership Program targeted for the Vancouver market that will inspire and empower the next wave of innovation, emotional intelligence, culture building and results for leaders in all industries.

Visit our website for full details on the Leadership Task Force. Please note that participation in the Leadership Task Force is by invitation only, however should you or someone you know wish to be involved please have them contact me to discuss this further.

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Credit: Ayelet Baron (The Huffington Post) 

I am in the midst of writing a book and I am blown away by the people I am meeting and their generosity in sharing their stories so openly. The last interview I did spanned two days and lasted 4 hours. The funny part was that we could have spent more time talking as this CEO has been a revolutionary leader. And I am sure our relationship has just started to emerge.

What I am learning from the conversations I am having with 21st century leaders is that they are generous. compassionate and amazing storytellers. They have a way of building community and bringing people together to co-create solutions. It doesn’t matter what their title is, they are clear about their purpose and have a desire to learn. They are not motivated by the title itself but the responsibility and accountability that the title provides. It is a means for them to do more in the world and make an impact with their chosen art.

The first trend I am noticing that separates them from top down hierarchal leaders is that they get their hands dirty. They don’t delegate their responsibility for communication, diversity or innovation, for example, to a function.


Lead Facilitator, Leadership Task Force

Formerly Senior Leader Global Talent and Leader Development at Amazon, Virginia worked with JeffBezos while Amazon exploded exponentially from 27,639 employees to 227,899. The speed of growth was such that at times it paralyzed the type of creative energy needed to think big and invent on behalf of customers. Virginia reveled in unparalyzing people and releasing high performance. Virginia has worked with several other innovators and entrepreneurs includingBill Gates, John T Chambers, Dhirubhai Ambani,Michael Dell, Steve Ballmer, Vinton Cerf, Daniel Goleman, Stephen R Covey, and Dr. Wayne Dyer.



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