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October 2019: Legal Buzz


The Legal Buzz Author: Charlene Cleary The Spooky Truth about Overtime October 2019 Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash A common problem for employers is a lack of understanding when it comes to overtime obligations – leading to claims for unpaid hours from employees. According to the Employment Standards Act of BC, non-management employees are entitled to receive 1 ½ times their regular pay after 8 hours a day or after 40 hours a week. They are entitled to double their regular pay after 12 hours a day.

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October 2019: 5 Questions the Most Interesting People Will Always Ask in Conversations


A Word from the Top It’s that time of year again when all the spooky little (and big) goblins and ghosts come out to play! It’s also the beginning of the most social time of the year, it’s the kick-off to holiday party season. Many of us are at a loss as to what to talk about with people we are meeting for the very first time, whether at a social or business function. This month’s curated article provides you with some great questions that will help you start the

September 2019: Legal Buzz


The Legal Buzz Author: Charlene Clearly Do you have salaried employees or employees who work the same number of hours each day? Employers are often surprised to hear that they have an obligation to keep a daily record of hours, even for people whose hours don’t fluctuate. Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash This usually comes up when a departing employee makes a claim for unpaid overtime with the Employment Standards Branch of BC. If the employee has proof of additional hours, in the absence of recorded hours,

September 2019: Why smart employers focus on employee happiness


A Word from the Top I don’t know about you, but I always feel like September is the beginning of a new year; summer’s over and the kids are back in school. There are many surveys and key indicators that this is also the time of year when unhappy or disengaged employees start to look for a new job. For that reason alone, this is a great time to take a look at how you’re engaging and retaining your employees, are they happy? I know, we’re happiest when we are

Onboarding: How Important Is It?


3 Vertical Bridge consultants weigh in on the importance of onboarding employees Recently three of our senior HR consultants weighed in on the value of “Onboarding” a new hire.  Each brings a different perspective on the subject and this month we’re sharing their insights with you. Debbie Aarons Senior HR & Leadership Consultant I like to equate onboarding to gardening.  Think about a time when you have chosen a new plant to brighten up your indoor or outdoor space.  You have the best intentions to take care of your plant

View from the Bridge: Is there deception during your interview?


  A WORD FROM THE TOP This month we’re featuring a great article on job interviews written by Scott Wintrip for ERE Online (see below).  The title is a bit controversial, however over my years of working in recruitment and HR I’ve seen less than transparent interviewing and hiring practices happen over and over again. 

View from the Bridge: 2 questions to ask employees (before they leave)


      A WORD FROM THE TOP Dear Reader, The cost to replace a key employee is not a new topic of conversation for most employers.  It’s a subject that gets a lot of focus and attention from HR professionals, senior executives and finance.  We know the cost of turnover is high and organizations should be working to ensure they are a workplace where people want to stay.  While there are numerous ways to do this, the following article talks about two key questions that should be asked long

View from the Bridge: The tremendous cost of ignoring HR


        A WORD FROM THE TOP Recently I was reading an article written by Dr. John Sullivan (featured below) on the cost of “Doing Nothing” in HR, and it struck a chord.  In fact, many of the HR challenges that Dr. Sullivan highlights in his article are the reason I started Vertical Bridge almost 14 years ago.  I realized that many employers don’t have an HR person, or department they can rely on to ensure that things like employee engagement and retention, leadership development, development of HR

View from the Bridge: 3 HR trends to watch in 2019


A WORD FROM THE TOP With the first month of 2019 almost over, it’s important to ensure that your HR planning is on point with current trends and predictions.  This year there is a very strong focus on ensuring a healthy workplace for all of your employees.  This goes beyond preventing accidents on the job, employers are being encouraged to support their employee’s emotional and cognitive health by creating a supportive and mentally healthy workplace.  Below is an article outlining 3 HR trends to watch in 2019.On Feb 11th I

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