Onboarding: How Important Is It?


3 Vertical Bridge consultants weigh in on the importance of onboarding employees Recently three of our senior HR consultants weighed in on the value of “Onboarding” a new hire.  Each brings a different perspective on the subject and this month we’re sharing their insights with you. Debbie Aarons Senior HR & Leadership Consultant I like to equate onboarding to gardening.  Think about a time when you have chosen a new plant to brighten up your indoor or outdoor space.  You have the best intentions to take care of your plant

View from the Bridge: 2 questions to ask employees (before they leave)


      A WORD FROM THE TOP Dear Reader, The cost to replace a key employee is not a new topic of conversation for most employers.  It’s a subject that gets a lot of focus and attention from HR professionals, senior executives and finance.  We know the cost of turnover is high and organizations should be working to ensure they are a workplace where people want to stay.  While there are numerous ways to do this, the following article talks about two key questions that should be asked long

View from the Bridge: The tremendous cost of ignoring HR


        A WORD FROM THE TOP Recently I was reading an article written by Dr. John Sullivan (featured below) on the cost of “Doing Nothing” in HR, and it struck a chord.  In fact, many of the HR challenges that Dr. Sullivan highlights in his article are the reason I started Vertical Bridge almost 14 years ago.  I realized that many employers don’t have an HR person, or department they can rely on to ensure that things like employee engagement and retention, leadership development, development of HR

View from the Bridge: 3 HR trends to watch in 2019


A WORD FROM THE TOP With the first month of 2019 almost over, it’s important to ensure that your HR planning is on point with current trends and predictions.  This year there is a very strong focus on ensuring a healthy workplace for all of your employees.  This goes beyond preventing accidents on the job, employers are being encouraged to support their employee’s emotional and cognitive health by creating a supportive and mentally healthy workplace.  Below is an article outlining 3 HR trends to watch in 2019.On Feb 11th I

View from the Bridge: The ultimate test of how you’ve lived


A WORD FROM THE TOP Dear Reader,It’s that time of year when we focus on expressing “goodwill and kindness” towards one another.  It’s a time to celebrate love and family and a time for giving.   At Vertical Bridge we work year round to assist our clients in creating engaging workplaces for their employees. We believe that an engaged workforce is a happy and productive workforce. We also believe that everyone deserves the an opportunity to do an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.  However, there are many people

View from the Bridge: Yesterday a colleague, today a boss. Now what?


  A WORD FROM THE TOP As more and more Millennials take on leadership roles within their companies there’s a good chance that they will be put into the challenging position of suddenly having to manage their friends and co-workers. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a significant increase in calls from organizations facing this very real situation.

View from the Bridge: Four onboarding tips for new hires


A WORD FROM THE TOP We all know how difficult it is to find top talent in today’s employment market.  Hiring is extremely competitive, expensive and it can be very time consuming.  Imagine doing all that work and spending all that time and money and the new hire quits within the first year!  A key to a successful hire is how you bring them into your organization, how are you ”onboarding” your new hires?   Imagine showing up on the first day and it’s very clear that no one was

View from the Bridge: Don’t worry (be happy)


A WORD FROM THE TOP Happy July! The sun is shining, the days are long and the smell of barbeques is in the air! It’s time to take a moment to relax and be happy. If you have any trouble doing this we’re sharing an article below with some great tips on what happy people do. Speaking of happy, we're pleased to announce that we’re partnering with David Ogle, the Founder of a successful North American coaching and leadership practice. Recently David delivered a workshop on “Leadership and Innovation” with

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