Training & Leadership

Organization Learning Thrives Informally

April 29th, 2014

Source: PeopleTalk April 2014 edition (BCHRMA)

Author:  Jennifer Gerves-Keen

IN A RECENT ARTICLE ABOUT CAREERS published in The Globe & Mail, Marina Glogovac discussed the relatively new importance of continuous learning as it pertains to ongoing success in today’s marketplace. According to Glogovac, learning to learn is the most competitively relevant skill for today’s world.

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Taking Control of Your Career

April 30th, 2013

Ever wonder why some people get ahead and others don’t?  Who’s managing your career?  Just as your company judges your performance on a regular basis, you need to scrutinize your company to make sure your career is on track and your employer is providing the tools you need to do a good job and learn new skills.  It’s in your best interest to ask not only what you are doing for your company but also what your company is doing for you.  Here are some questions that may help you evaluate your employer: Read more

Performance Based Job Descriptions Up the Odds of Hiring Right

August 16th, 2011

Hiring authorities often say that hiring the top performers is at best a 50/50 chance.

When job descriptions are written they usually list requirements for years of experience, education, industry of experience, functional skills and personality traits in addition to outlining the duties to be performed, in essence – creating a template for ‘experience based’ hiring. Read more

Employees not performing…why do we tolerate it?

June 23rd, 2011

More importantly whose fault is it? Sound familiar…if it does you are not alone!

One of our clients is fighting to change a culture of creating vague expectations, not measuring performance and not holding people accountable. Trying to make this shift feels like trying to move a glacier with a toothpick! Their biggest challenge is that the business owner is taking over from his father and has inherited a culture of acceptance “as long as you are not costing the business money you’re ok”.

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Making an Offer They Can’t Refuse

May 03rd, 2011

It’s not enough to find the right candidate; you must be able to land them. If you consider all of the costs involved in recruitment – not just in physically replacing an individual (out of pocket costs) but also those of lost productivity – it makes sense that once you find someone, you will want to up your odds of being able to make them part of your organization.
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