We are seeing an unprecedented number of workers from four generations working alongside one another in today’s workplace. This is creating a unique set of circumstances and challenges for today’s employer.

Many employers are asking themselves what happened? When did everything change so dramatically? How do we cope? What do we do to please everyone and retain our workforce?

How do you ensure that these diverse groups; who all have their own value systems and motivators stay engaged within one workplace?

In this lively keynote the audience will gain an insight into:

  • Who are these four generations of workers
  • What is important to them and how are they motivated
  • As an employer what do you need to do in order to keep them engaged
  • How some companies have created an environment that encourages the generations to work together effectively recognizing both their differences and their similarities

Not only are organizations contending with managing their business during a volatile economy, they are also facing the challenges inherent in managing and retaining a multi-generational workforce.

Employers from all industry sectors including private, public and not-for-profit cannnot afford to miss this!

Your Facilitator

Sandra Reder has over 20 years of recruitment and management experience, Sandra has held various positions ranging from a recruiter with a Vancouver-based recruitment firm to the branch manager of two large multi-national employment agencies. Her industry knowledge is comprehensive, and her understanding of current recruitment trends and practices is highly sought after. Sandra has extensive experience placing individuals at all levels in a wide range of industry, not-for-profit and public sector positions.

From her years in the business, Sandra is privy to information about companies that few employers ever hear directly from their ex-employees. She has in-depth experience with exit interviews, enough to know that an employee requiring a reference will rarely ever “burn a bridge”—thus producing information that is skewed and suspect. After years of hearing the concerns, complaints and challenges that individuals faced during their employment, Sandra became aware that companies do not realize how they are perceived in the employment market. That awareness produced Sandra’s strong interest in helping companies earn the designation “Employer of Choice.”