Strategic Planning and Succession Planning

Strategic planning and Succession planning are essential practices that draw ideas and perspective from the minds of people who run the organization about what is happening in the business, what is happening in the economy, and how to position the organization in view of those variables. With this information vital choices about purpose, mission, product and people can be made to enable management to position the organization in order to grow in today’s constantly changing environment.

In many organizations, the mere mention of Strategic and Succession Planning sends shudders through the boardroom. An organization, through its leaders, can develop skills to plan for both the expected and unexpected by implementing a strategic and succession planning and management process that includes the following:

  1. Developing a vision and mission – where is the organization now and what does the desired future state look like? The Vision provides structure in order to manage change whereas the Mission defines the purpose and focus of the organization
  2. Defining the Values that allow the organization to claim what it does and how it does it
  3. Creating and defining the necessary core competencies that allow you to be unique in your market and leverage your distinctive advantage
  4. Creating an assessment process in order to assist management in promoting the ‘right’ people into key positions with in the organization
  5. Assessing your strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity in order achieve growth objectives
  6. Creating a system in order to qualitatively and quantifiably measure the impact of initiatives that support your strategic plan.

To learn more about Vertical Bridge’s succession planning and strategic planning consulting services or to create a customized approach that meets the needs of your organization please contact us.

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