Our approach to an assignment will always be thorough and designed to get the best results for our clients. We maintain an extensive cloud-based database containing information on many thousands of candidates and contacts, which is a prime resource for our searches.

In addition, we will employ direct recruiting (headhunting) efforts as necessary and utilize our worldwide network of affiliate offices where appropriate. We will also utilize the Internet and social media platforms and when specified will advertise in selected newspapers or trade publications.

We can help you in many ways to ensure the success of a placement including evaluating the job description and compensation package; promoting your organization to prospective candidates; negotiating the offer; and conducting post placement follow-up.

What you get from Vertical Bridge is not a mere resume referral service – our process involves working with clients to understand their business, culture and the market issues they face. By continually building and refining client relationships we are able to go beyond the job description, adding valuable insight into the recruitment process and ultimately providing a better assessment of a candidate’s fit within an organization. These relationships are much broader than a series of transactions; they serve to provide ongoing objective and sound advice.

We stand behind the work that we do – each and every full search placement comes with a guarantee. Our separately published Fee and Guarantee Schedule is available upon request.