The Vertical Bridge reputation has been built on our commitment to operating with integrity, professionalism and respect for the confidentiality of information entrusted to us by our candidates and clients. In conducting our business, we take seriously our responsibility to uphold the privacy of the personal information provided to us by candidates and take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information is protected from unauthorized use or disclosure.

In order to provide the best possible level of service Vertical Bridge requires candidates to provide certain pieces of information. This information may include contact details, resumes, a description of the type of work sought, our interview notes, information obtained through reference and background checks, education records, references and testing results. The information is used to better understand candidate qualifications, needs and preferences to select appropriate career opportunities and to fulfill our clients’ requests for information about candidates. Vertical Bridge never collects more personal information than is needed to fulfill these purposes, unless requested by the client and consented to by the candidate.

While the Vertical Bridge database is hosted on external servers, only Vertical Bridge is able to view personal information and resumes. In applying to a position or by electing to send us position requirements or resumes through this web site, individuals are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of information in accordance with PIPEDA (the privacy act). Vertical Bridge believes that career management is a life-long process and retains indefinitely, all information gathered in an effort to make a repeat experience with Vertical Bridge more efficient, practical and relevant. Personal information is never traded, sold or leased by Vertical Bridge to any external companies and will only be submitted to a client in the event that a candidate’s qualifications match the client’s needs and only then with the express permission of the candidate.