Boring or Sort of Thrilling? The rise of HR

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Below you’ll find an Inc. article on two roles that are driving the future of work. As you can imagine I wasn’t surprised that IT was one of them, however learning that HR is the other was somewhat of a pleasant surprise. I know what value a strong HR presence within a company can have. Unfortunately, we encounter employers regularly who fail to understand that HR plays a key strategic role in how they attract, engage and retain their employees. There’s some great information in the article on how HR and IT are having a real impact on business success. We’ve come a long way from processing payroll and hiring and firing!

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How These 2 ‘Boring’ Jobs in the Office Are Driving the Future of Work

In the ever-changing future of work, these two functions are becoming increasingly important and (sort of) sexy.

Jacob Morgan (INC.)
When it comes to the hottest jobs in the office, HR and IT aren’t areas that normally come to mind. In fact, they can often be viewed as stuffy and dull. But in the ever-changing future of work, they just might be some of the most important job functions, and, dare I say it, even the sexiest.

Human Resources

The old stigma surrounding HR is that it’s the stodgy place where people go to get hired, fired, declare an office romance, or when they get in trouble. Typically viewed as stagnant and outdated, human resources was often the brunt of complaints about a company’s culture and organization and seen as a major source of frustration for employees at all levels. But that has changed with the evolution of offices that are modern, engaged, and flexible. In today’s horizontal office structure, HR is at the hub of it all.

The future of work centers on people, and HR is responsible for finding, training, and retaining those workers.


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