5 Signs Someone Is a Bad Leader

It’s the start of a new year and I’ve been talking a lot with clients this month about “leadership”. We’ve been looking at how they want to provide leadership development for their executive and management teams, and how to identify potential and emerging leaders within their organizations.
There’s no question that leadership is more challenging now than it has ever been. In the “old days” most organizations were run with more of a “command and control”, “top down
” style. Today’s leaders must embrace a myriad of complexities in the workplace; including things like anti-bullying and harassment, a tech savvy workforce that knows what their rights are, multiple generations working together, cultural diversity and the list goes on. Below is an article that helps to identify bad leadership skills. Do you recognize any of these in your leadership team?
Our newest team member, Debbie Aarons, is a highly skilled HR and leadership consultant. She has expertise in designing and delivering customized leadership programs within a variety of industries. Debbie is joining the team at Vertical Bridge with a strong desire to work with amazing organizations and their leadership teams.
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If you work for such a manager, it may be time to move on.

Whenever I speak at events across the country, I break down leadership to its most basic and practical form: It’s about meeting the needs of people and developing them to their fullest potential.

When employees don’t get the tools, training, time, development, expectations, vision, or resources they need to do their jobs well, they experience low morale; they stop caring and they stop trying, unfortunately, as early as the first few weeks on the job.

Not every person in a management role is created equal. If I may be candid, some have no business being in the role of influencing others.

When the rubber meets the road, these are five of the most common toxic management behaviors I’ve encountered over the years.


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