View from the Bridge: Who’s your super hero?



Super heroes in the movies are obvious: Colourful costumes, concealed identities, witty come-backs. Unfortunately, spotting leadership talent within your own organization isn’t always so easy. In Minnesota recently, a different kind of masked super hero reminds us to be on the look out for leadership talent hiding (or climbing) right under our nose. As the story goes, a social media savvy Minnesota Public Radio reporter took a modestly unusual situation and turned it into PR gold.

I hope you enjoy the read below and then take a fresh look at those around you. See anyone remarkable?

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A Minnesota Raccoon’s Death-Defying Feat Went Viral–and Revealed 3 Leadership Lessons in the Process

This week a wayward raccoon captured global attention for scaling a tall building. We can learn key business lessons from this death defying feat.
Commerce nearly ground to a halt this week in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, the same day as the much lauded Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore. Seemingly, world leaders lost some of the public stage to a daredevil raccoon scaling a tall building–a stunt that went viral the world over in social media. In the intrepid raccoon’s GoPro-worthy stunt, we can unearth some really heady business lessons, as illustrated by a panda rat.
OK, the raccoon oddity set social media on fire for a very short time, before the agile animal reached the rooftop and was trapped. However, let’s unpack lessons from this epic climb. The purpose-driven Procyon (fancy word for raccoon) caught our attention at Aimclear because all of the action happened just a few blocks from our downtown Saint Paul office.
Here are the key lessons I took away after finding myself immersed in Minnesota Public Radio’s rabid tweet-storm #mprraccoon:



Raccoons in your midst: What do you see here: A confused raccoon? Or a leadership genius?



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