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      Dynamic, motivational speakers and facilitators deliver professional presentations and workshops covering a variety of topics. In addition to the following corporate workshops we are pleased to design programs specifically to meet your organization’s needs.

All of Vertical Bridge’s training, workshops and keynotes can be delivered virtually online and in person. We want to meet your team in the easiest and best setting for your workplace.


“If you have a brain, then you are biased”. Unconscious bias exists in all of us and we are usually not even aware of it.

You Will Learn:

  • An introduction the concept and impact of unconscious bias
  • Discuss ways to reduce bias
  • Develop processes to acknowledge unconscious bias
  • Use conversation to lean towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace

As part of our coaching methodology, we will use various assessments to objectively measure key traits and competencies and/or behaviours and drivers. Self-assessments and 360 feedback help leaders and individuals to identify how they are perceived and to create action plans to improve effectiveness and performance.

  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Well-being Surveys
  • Culture Assessment
  • Aptitude and Skills Assessment

We know the challenges of having baby boomers, Gen X’ers, Millennials and now Gen Z’ers all in the workplace together. They communicate differently, their experience with technology to complete work varies and areas that motivate them may differ.

You Will Learn:

  • What communication methods work best for each generation?
  • How does each group prefer feedback?
  • What workplace culture aspects are important to each generation?
  • Key strategies for marketing your organization to multiple generations
  • Practical and low cost tools available to attract today’s candidates

We all know leaders who are book smart but are poor at communicating, building relationships or understanding and managing their emotions. The good news is that emotional intelligence is a set of skills and behaviours that you can develop over time. 

You Will Learn:

  • Individuals can learn to develop emotional and social skills
  • To use these skills to become more effective
    • Leaders
    • Communicators
    • Relationship builders
    • Decision makers

It’s never easy to have a difficult conversation with a co-worker or employee. We know the anxiety that can come with wanting to address an outstanding issue, and navigating the way to start and complete the conversation. We want to help. Our ‘Difficult Conversations’ workshop, can help you identify the steps to making these conversations, a little bit easier. For you, or your workplace, we are here to assist.

You Will Learn:

  • How to address an outstanding issue
  • Ways to begin the conversation
  • Tips to complete the conversation
  • Removing the anxiety around this interaction with an employee

Effective communication is key to building positive and productive working relationships with your co-workers, clients, leaders and employees. Knowing how you communicate your message effectively and being able to listen and respond to others is key to building and maintaining trust.

You Will Learn:

  • Key skills for effective communication
  • Examining different styles of communication: verbal, non-verbal etc.
  • Learning how the different methods will allow you to connect more effectively with others

We all have innate natural talents, which if developed can become incredible strengths. Yet, we tend to focus on developing our weaknesses, the things that at best we can become mediocre at. Think about the benefit of identifying and enhancing your natural talents – your superpowers.

You Will Learn:

  • The power of developing and building on strengths
  • Creating engaged and high performing individuals and teams
  • Identifying individual strengths and how they contribute to a team

Are you curious what the 5 five functions of an Effective Team are? We offer a workshop that helps bring teams together to identify and address the issues that are preventing excellent performance and will work with the teams to develop the skills and behaviours for effective team work.

Employees want to know how they are doing and how they can improve.  Giving and receiving feedback is an important part of communication and can be powerful when done well but destructive when handled poorly.

You Will Learn

  • Frameworks and skills for both giving and receiving effective feedback
  • Enabling leaders to introduce a process whereby performance conversations are held throughout the year
  • Methods of starting and concluding the conversations

What does it take to be a good leader? A question often asked in the workplace. What does it take to lead a good meeting? We create customized leadership development programs, using tried-and-tested models to support leadership development at all levels of the organization from first time managers to executive teams. Our blended approach to learning, ensures that the development continues long after the program is complete. We want to help you create those rockstar meetings for you, as a leader, and for your team.

You Will Learn:

  • Whether a first time manager or executive, how to lead a meeting
  • What helps capture attention of your co-workers in a room
  • How to project information effectively

Effective performance management is key to creating an engaging workplace where employees know what is expected of them, feel that they are adding value and contributing to the success of the organization while continuing to develop and grow.

You Will Learn:

  • Tools and skills for managers
  • The ability to set goals, provide feedback, coach and support employees
  • Develop your employees’ skills and increase their performance

Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across. Yet, so many people dread giving presentations.

You Will Learn:

  • How to alleviate nervous energy
  • Methods to structure, prepare and deliver an effective presentation
  • Skills for presenting that will help resonant with your audience

In November 2013, Bill 14 was introduced in BC to deal with mental disorders. It became law for employers to protect employees from workplace bullying and harassment. Bullying and harassment in the workplace can take many forms, including verbal aggression, personal attacks, and other intimidating or humiliating behaviours. If workplace bullying and harassment is not addressed, it can lead to lost productivity, anxiety, and depression.

In this interactive session we are going to take a look at:

  • What is bullying and harassment
  • How to identify toxic behaviours in the workplace
  • Personal communication styles
  • Tips on how and where to have difficult conversations
  • How to diffuse a potential negative situation
  • How to work together to promote collaboration, engagement and a positive work environment


“If you have a brain, then you are biased”. Unconscious bias exists in all of us and we are usually not even aware of it.

You Will Learn:

  • An introduction the concept and impact of unconscious bias
  • Discuss ways to reduce bias
  • Develop processes to acknowledge unconscious bias
  • Use conversation to lean towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace

We are seeing an unprecedented number of workers from four generations working alongside one another in today’s workplace. This is creating a unique set of circumstances and challenges for today’s employer.

Many employers are asking themselves what happened? When did everything change so dramatically? How do we cope? What do we do to please everyone and retain our workforce?

How do you ensure that these diverse groups; who all have their own value systems and motivators stay engaged within one workplace?

In this lively keynote the audience will gain an insight into:

  • Who are these four generations of workers
  • What is important to them and how are they motivated
  • As an employer what do you need to do in order to keep them engaged
  • How some companies have created an environment that encourages the generations to work together effectively recognizing both their differences and their similarities

Not only are organizations contending with managing their business during a volatile economy, they are also facing the challenges inherent in managing and retaining a multi-generational workforce. Employers from all industry sectors including private, public and not-for-profit will benefit greatly from having a keynote speaker come.

Debbie – thanks so much for such a great and informative facilitation. It was very engaging, thoroughly explained, and our needs/criteria were completely fulfilled. I also greatly appreciated you for keeping our limited time on track and ending it within 1-hour.

Sandra – thanks for your collaboration and patience during out planning process.  We will definitely reach out for our future relevant training needs.

Varteni Barsoumian - HR/Facilities Coordinator, Clear Dent | Vancouver, BC

“The written evaluations [of your workshop] have now been tabulated and I am delighted to provide you with the feedback we received from delegates. They consistently expressed how much they learned. We know that it takes a considerable amount of time to develop a strong presentation and we appreciate the thought that was put into yours. It is evident from the written evaluations that you took time to ensure your talk addressed the most critical issues [regarding Employee Terminations]. [Sandra Reder’s] individual ratings were excellent; your presentation received a rating of 9.3 and the content of your presentation was rated 9.4. It is rare that speakers receive ratings this high – congratulations!”

Senior Conference Planner, Insight Information