3 HR trends to watch in 2019

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With the first month of 2019 almost over, it’s important to ensure that your HR planning is on point with current trends and predictions.  This year there is a very strong focus on ensuring a healthy workplace for all of your employees.  This goes beyond preventing accidents on the job, employers are being encouraged to support their employee’s emotional and cognitive health by creating a supportive and mentally healthy workplace.  Below is an article outlining 3 HR trends to watch in 2019.

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Here’s to a healthy and happy 2019!

Sandra Reder, CPC
Credit: Cecile Alper-Leroux (TLNT)
The role of HR continues to be dynamic and ever-changing, with major economic, sociological, technological and cultural trends impacting the way people will work and live in 2019. HR’s shift from a largely administrative function to a strategic business unit has been slow up until now. But that is about to change, as HR has the opportunity to take center stage and become a champion for businesses looking to keep up with the pace of these changes.HR is responsible for mitigating some of the most critical issues facing businesses today, such as hiring and retaining talent, skill development, and creating a positive employee experience in a tight labor market. Organizations adapting to the future of work are realizing they need business-savvy, innovative HR leaders to help them navigate the evolving needs of the modern workforce.This, in turn, puts more pressure on HR leaders to stay ahead of the latest trends and find solutions that move businesses and employees forward amid intense competition. Below are just a few trends that HR leaders will need to follow closely in 2019 if they want their businesses and the employees they serve to excel in the future of work.

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