Partial Search

Professional Recruitment Services

Specially designed for clients who require our expertise to effectively screen through their applicants and determine a short list of qualified candidates for their consideration.

Partial search options assume that the client will bear responsibility for posting the search on various job boards, social media etc. Should the client require Vertical Bridge to post the search then there would be an additional charge added to whichever option below is selected.

Review all resumes received and compare with requirements from the job description × × ×
Eliminate resumes which don’t meet requirements and short-list resumes to the most qualified applicants × × ×
Conduct brief telephone screens with short-listed candidates to confirm basic information on resume and to verify verbal communication skills – provide client with a list of top candidates for consideration × ×
Conduct more in-depth telephone interviews with short-listed candidates to confirm employment objectives, reason for leaving current employment, and fit with client’s organization ×
Provide summaries of phone interviews and provide client with recommendations on the most qualified candidates for consideration ×

Please contact us to learn about our pricing options.

“When my longtime office manager resigned in February 2020 Sandra was able to help me write a job description, screen over 150 CV’s and provide me with 3 qualified candidates. Three months later I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. In addition to saving hours of my time Sandra has the insight and experience to weed out the good candidates from those who talk a good game.”

Dr. Briar Sexton
General and Neuro-Opthamology
Vancouver, BC

If you are looking for a more in depth search for the right talent, find out what a Full Search option looks like.

Our separately published Fee and Guarantee Schedule is available upon request.