Workplace Assessments & Surveys

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Our clients have used leadership and employee assessments for recruiting top talent, developing and retaining employees and for identifying and training leaders for the future.

Assessment tools can help organizations with performance management, employee development and succession planning.

It’s not easy to select, develop and retain top talent.

Workplace Assessments are powerful tools to support your talent management strategy.

Our consultants have expertise in conducting a broad range of assessments; from looking at the workplace as a whole to assessing leadership capabilities, emotional intelligence and behavioural styles.

We all know that leadership requires more than a high IQ. Leadership and emotional intelligence assessment tools can help your organization to identify future leaders and provide valuable feedback to current leaders and employees to enable them to develop skills and become more effective in their roles.

We work with clients to design a program that is specific to the needs of the organization, utilizing 360 feedback tools, and/or administering validated and reliable assessment tools.

Many employers would like to learn more about what it takes to create an engaging workplace, where employees perform their best work in order to utilize their strengths. Research has shown that employee engagement can lead to increased performance and therefore increased revenue and retention.

Our consultants have experience in creating surveys to assess:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Well-being
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Culture Assessment
  • Diversity and Inclusion Assessment

Our experience has been that employees are more likely to share their thoughts and opinions in a survey that is administered by an external provider. We will work with you to research and select the right tool for your business.

We have consultants who are experienced and certified in many assessment tools.  Our consultants will work with you to select the right tool for your needs, and if needed, to provide workshops or one-on-one coaching to support the assessment.

Assessment Tools Vertical Bridge HR provides

  • Self-assessment, 360 feedback and group reports available
  • Enables individuals to learn and develop emotional and social skills to become more effective leaders, communicators, relationship builders and decision-makers
  • Knowing how you show up and act at work can be a powerful way of providing feedback and enhancing communication at work
  • DISC enables leaders and employees to identify their preferred behavioural styles and facilitate better communication
  • Available as reports for individuals or within teams
  • Reports available for employee and leaders
  • Reports can be generated that incorporate DISC behaviours and Driving Forces (how you show up and why)
  • An assessment and report that enable you to identify what drives an individual to succeed
    great for identifying areas of potential conflict between individuals and within teams
  • Reports can be generated that incorporate DISC behaviours and Driving Forces (how you show up and why)
  • This assessment focuses on how effectively your team is performing and identifies areas and strategies to improve
  • Combine this assessment with a customized workshop for a sustainable approach to developing a high performing team
  • Using an online assessment tool, our consultants will support you in using the strengthsfinder tool either as individuals or as a team to identify and maximize your strengths and develop your talents
  • The McQuaig Job Survey® analyzes the behavioural requirements for any job function and creates the benchmark against which all candidates are objectively assessed for fit with the job.
  • The McQuaig Word Survey® assesses the behaviours candidates will bring to the job and provides insight into their fit with the job, their manager, the team and your company culture.
  • The McQuaig Self-Development Survey® provides insight and structure for employees to work on their own personal development action plan. This process enhances performance management, coaching and mentoring programs.

Debbie has demonstrated expertise in team assessments and team building. She is direct but tactful and professional. She is quick to identify traits and strengths. I highly recommend Debbie for supporting your team in being even more cohesive and productive.

Suzanne Trottier // Director, Capacity Development and Intervention, First Nations Financial Management Board