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BC’s New Transparency Act

Time Effective May 31, 2023

Employers will no longer be able to ask prospective candidates in the interview process about their pay history.

Business graphic with semicircles Effective May 31, 2023

Employees cannot be disciplined for sharing their pay with a coworker or prospective new employer.

Earth circle with a grid Effective November 1, 2023

All public job postings will be required to include a salary range or the actual compensation.

There will be challenges ahead

The Pay Transparency Act:

  • Will force employers to become more competitive with compensation in order to attract and retain candidates
  • Existing employees may see similar job postings with a salary or pay range that isn’t the same as what they are earning
  • Yearly budgets will need to be reviewed to ensure existing employees’ salaries are at market value
  • Managers will need to be prepared to have conversations with current employees about how their salaries are determined

There will be benefits too!

  • It will be easier to attract quality candidates when you are recruiting and paying competitively
  • There will be pay equity without discrepancies for gender, race etc.
  • Employees will know that they are being compensated at market value
  • Retention rates will likely rise as employees can easily see what competitors are paying

Total Compensation Audit


Prepare yourself to be compared to others and stand out among your competitors when recruiting


Conduct a compensation survey to ensure you are paying market value


Develop a strategy on how to bridge any gaps between survey results and your current compensation plan


Conduct a compensation review to ensure you are paying market value. Identify whether or not your current employees are being paid on par with the market. Remember all this info will soon be public anyway.

One of the goals of the PTA is to close the gender pay gap. You will want to ensure that within your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policies that equitable compensation for all is addressed.

Compensation reviews are time consuming and require a level of expertise and knowledge in order to gather and analyze data. Our HR consultants have access to current market data and information that many business cannot access.

We work with small to large businesses on finding unique ways to offer benefits and wellness initiatives that go beyond just the basic compensation.

This is where we come in. We can assist you with developing a strategic plan to address pay inequity within your workplace.

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