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Having the guidance, policies and best practices in place can ensure that your Board adds the greatest value to your organization.

Board Governance Solutions in a Boardroom

Every business whether for-profit or not-for-profit can benefit from an Advisory Board or Board of Directors. Board members from different disciplines can complement and enhance the expertise and talents of the senior executive team and other managers within an organization. They can help create and maintain your company’s business plan while providing guidance, direction and honest feedback through good times and bad.

Full Cycle Election Project Management

Board Member Handbook and Guidance

Board Meeting Preparation

Board Member Onboarding and Orientation

Board Member Recruitment Guidance

Policies and Best Practices for your Board

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Sandra and the Vertical Bridge team have helped us tremendously with our human resources policies and training. They took the time to get to know our business, understand our values and helped us create a robust end-to-end employee handbook that has enabled us to grow while ensuring we follow employment standards and industry best practices. Sandra has a wealth of experience in the field of HR and has been a trusted advisor to our business.