Relationships in the Workplace

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Author: Charlene Cleary

Love is in the Air at Work

You hire great people. It is inevitable that they may want to date each other and possibly enter into long-term relationships.

What our employees do outside of work is not our business, right? It depends. In some interoffice dating scenarios, the relationship or interactions may interfere with the employees’ jobs, reporting structure or safety.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Try not to encourage interoffice dating but take a light enough stance that employees are not afraid to come forward with their relationships.
  • Have a simple policy that requests disclosure of workplace relationships on the basis of protecting the employees and the business – especially if one employee reports to the other as adjustments might need to be made.
  • If people are in a relationship, invite them to check in with HR if they have questions or concerns.
  • If you are planning to adjust a reporting structure or a person’s position due to a workplace relationship; get legal advice first.

The above is commentary only; it is not meant to be legal advice. For specific legal advice related to a legal issue please contact your lawyer.

Charlene Cleary is the principal and founding lawyer of Westshore Law. Serving clients on Vancouver Island and the mainland, she enjoys helping other business owners work through existing issues and also to help prevent future problems.

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