The Employee Handbook helps ensure compliance with BC Employment Standards, BC Human Rights Code and WorksafeBC legislation. It clearly defines company policies, benefits, workplace best practices, health and safety, and other HR policies.

  • Remote Working Guidelines

  • Vacation Pay

  • Probationary Period and Review

  • Overtime Pay

  • Leaves of Absence

  • Harassment

  • Respectful Workplace Conduct

  • Confidentiality

  • and more!

Our award winning Vertical Bridge HR consultants can review, modify and/or develop HR policies and best practices to ensure that your business is compliant.

Is your company prepared to thrive in the new reality?

Ensure your HR Employee Handbook meets current day needs.

As your workplace adjusts to a world rocked by the pandemic, a quick look at your HR policies and procedures may find them out of touch with this new reality. After all, it was likely written in a pre-pandemic world that didn’t take into account employees working remotely or the steps employers are obligated to take to keep employees safe while at work.

Employers who don’t take steps to tighten up their HR policies and procedures create all sorts of unnecessary risks and liability down the road:
  • Sickness policies are outdated
  • Health and safety protocol is outdated
  • Remote working protocol doesn’t exist or is inaccurate


  • Sick employees come into the workplace, fear of missing out on pay, or tasks
  • Potential to infect co-workers
  • Productivity, morale and mental health suffer
  • Employees who don’t feel supported may leave the role

An expertly crafted, clearly written and well-communicated employee handbook that takes into account the realities of COVID-19 unleashes a slew of benefits:


  • Best practices can be implemented
  • Adhering to the Employment Standards Act of British Columbia
  • Clarity regarding rights and obligations
  • Clarity regarding social distancing and remote working


  • Problems are addressed directly and in a timely manner
  • Liability is mitigated
  • Employees are clear on their rights and obligations to their employer
  • Creates a safer, more productive and transparent workplace

“Sandra and the Vertical Bridge team have helped us tremendously with our human resources policies and training. They took the time to get to know our business, understand our values and helped us create a robust end-to-end employee handbook that has enabled us to grow while ensuring we follow employment standards and industry best practices. Sandra has a wealth of experience in the field of HR and has been a trusted advisor to our business.”

Dan Henriques, CPA, CA
Chief Financial Officer
Enwave Corporation

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