Hire your most valuable asset… your people


The secret of every high performing company is great people and there just aren’t enough ‘stars’ to go around – a fact made even more challenging by evolving demographic and economic realities. Designed to enable a client organization to concentrate on their core business and free up valuable management resources, the recruitment solutions of Vertical Bridge allow both human resource professionals and front line managers to focus on strategic business efforts that will enable them to favourably impact their bottom line.

The strength of the Vertical Bridge business model sets us apart from other Vancouver recruiters and brings substantial value to our clients. The recruitment professionals associated with Vertical Bridge are truly experts in their field, with many years of experience and carefully cultivated reputations for integrity, along with highly developed professional skills and market knowledge. They are more than recruiters; they are trusted sources of current market intelligence with respect to candidate core competencies, salary trends and management issues. They possess sophisticated networks of contacts enabling them to identify the right candidates. These professionals are able to anticipate clients’ needs and respond quickly to provide solutions in the local marketplace and, they are able to access a widespread candidate pool through partner relationships throughout Canada, the US, Europe, Australia and South America.

Hiring mistakes are very expensive and disruptive for a company. Therefore, when you are unable to deploy the time and resources to manage your recruitment needs, one of the most effective and efficient ways to secure top talent is to seek the expertise of a recommended, Vancouver-based recruitment agency like Vertical Bridge. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss and expand upon our search process and methodology.

Areas of Recruitment Expertise Include:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Administration
  • Contract
  • Engineering/Technical
  • Hardware/Software Development
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Management
  • Operations/Manufacturing
  • Sales/Marketing