B.C. NDP Government Reverses Course and Will Bring in “Card Check” Unionization

2022-04-21T00:29:33-07:00HR, Legal, Newsletter, Workplace|

In a dramatic reversal of policy and without consultation, the BC NDP has announced on April 6, 2022 that it will pass legislation that will allow unions to be “certified” and thus become the sole authorized representatives of an entire group of employees based only on showing 55% have signed a union card (known as “card check”).

COVID-19 New Legislation

2022-03-03T14:57:44-08:00HR, Legal, Newsletter|

The Employment Standards Branch has released an expansion to its existing leave provisions under the Employment Standards Act, which is aimed at protecting employees from being terminated for taking COVID-19 related leave from work. Here is what we know about this new COVID-19 leave:

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