Best Questions to Ask Candidates in an Interview

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You’ll note that all the questions below are behavioural based questions; meaning that you are asking for examples of things that the candidate has done in their past jobs. These types of questions eliminate a “yes” or “no” response and provide you with insight into how the candidate has handled “real life” situations at work.

October 2019: Legal Buzz

2022-03-03T15:06:42-08:00November 7th, 2019|Legal|

According to the Employment Standards Act of BC, non-management employees are entitled to receive 1 ½ times their regular pay after 8 hours a day or after 40 hours a week. They are entitled to double their regular pay after 12 hours a day. (Note: The law permits for averaging agreements but they must be compliant with the legislation.)

September 2019: Legal Buzz

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Do you have salaried employees or employees who work the same number of hours each day? Employers are often surprised to hear that they have an obligation to keep a daily record of hours, even for people whose hours don’t fluctuate.

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